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The conflict in Abkhazia - Sources of Tragedy

The conflict which begun 15 years ago in Abkhazia was a logic end of the plot well planned within decades by the Russian politicians of a high rank from reactionary circles and militaries. The consideration of a historiography of the conflict will clearly answer a question, into whose interests were and what purposes has an escalation of military actions. We shall give some important historic facts:

In 1801 Russia roughly breaking Treaty of "Georgievski" practically has carried out an annexation and has destroyed two-century statehood of Georgia;

In 1811 Russia unilaterally, in infringement of all agreements has abolished autonomy of the Georgian Church and has started to serve a divine service in Russian.

In 1870 Russia has carried out genocide of the Abkhazian population of Georgia known under the name "mokhadjirsoba"

In 1945 former Secretary of Central Committee of USSR, being on vacation in Sukhumi (Abkhazia), at a meeting with Mgeladze, First Secretary of Regional Committee of Communist Party has declared: " there is an idea (opinion) to unite resorts of Abkhazia and Sochi (Russian Federation of former USSR) and to form uniform resort district at the Black Sea coast with direct submission to Moscow ".

*(To be noted Mr. Putin is going to do the same for the Olympic games. All Abkhazian coastline plus Sochi will be announced an Olympic games territory where will arrive guests from foreign countries. Russia is going to conduct the construction works on all sea side territory of Abkhazia, this decision became known in 2007 August)

In 1948, being on vacation in Sukhumi Mr. Poskrebishev comes back to a question of creation of uniform resort region in direct Moscow dependence: "What the Abkhazian and Georgian comrades will say if to unite Sukhumi, New Athons, Gudauta and Gagra with Sochi and to create uniform resort district with direct submission to Moscow? "



On March 9 of 1956 in Tbilisi under Khruschev's order the peaceful student's demonstration which was against pull out of Stalin's corps from the mausoleum has been ruthlessly shot. Execution of demonstration was followed with mass excitements, on what Khruschev has answered with the "precautionary" declaration: "To adjust buses and to move out all the Georgian from Georgia ". And in the beginning of 60's same Khruschev has made the unprecedented statement: "Look at me, Georgians! Here I shall set on you Abkhazians... ". Then Khruschev has called the first secretary of regional committee of a party of Abkhazia and has demanded to collect meeting of committee which should on behalf of Abkhazians declare about the joining of Abkhazia to Krasnodar territory (Russian Federation).

In 1977 the central committee of the Communist Party took a decision to make a state language in Georgia - Russian instead of Georgian. Students, scientists and all society in Georgia supported preservation of the status of state language to the Georgian language. The mass excitements and meetings have followed. As a result it has been decided to leave all "as it was before ".

The modern Russian politicians are the same in this context. In particular, as Alexander Vashchenko has declared, "The main task is - to destroy a territorial integrity of Georgia, to break it into parts ".

Zhirinovski, vice-speaker of the Russian State Duma has declared: "When we shall come to authority, we shall not be so "soft" with Georgia. We at once will liquidate the nationalistic-chauvinists and we shall connect Georgia to Russia ".

Being based on documentary and actual materials, it becomes clear, that provocation of the conflict in Abkhazia was prepared in cabinets of the Kremlin, and a capture of Abkhazia - in the Joint Staff of Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.
Despite of declarations of official circles of Russia about a recognition of territorial integrity of Georgia, till today the political, military, economic, financial and moral support to secessionists actively proceeds.

Even prior to the beginning of operations in Abkhazia, completely ignoring authorities of Georgia, Russia unilaterally carried out registration of a different sort of agreements with the Ardzinba secessionist regime. In particular, on March, 19 of 1992 the order of the President of Russia Boris Yeltsin entrusted heads of the Stavropol and Krasnodar regions to establish direct trade and economic relations with Abkhazia that has been immediately executed.

Assured of support of Russia Ardzinba prior to the beginning of military actions begins creation of the armed formations, arms for which he received from deployed in Bombora (Gudauta) an assault shelf. The given military base which in spite of the fact that officially by Russia it is declared closed, is functioning up to today and plays an important role in support of a secessionist regime of Abkhazia.

During the same period in Abkhazia occurs provocation deterioration of criminal conditions - such as, cargo echelons are robed, attack on officials of the Georgian nationality, etc. It is necessary to note the fact, that Ardzinba become impudent because of the Russian support and Kremlin instructions. Ardzinba long before the beginning of the conflict intentionally, purposefully strains relations with the central authorities of Georgia and already openly declares: "... We at any cost shall force Georgians to shoot at us.... ".

To Abkhazia National Guards of Georgia were entered in the consent with Ardzinba, with the purpose of protection and establishment of the control over a trunk-railway and safety of transported cargos. The Abkhazian illegal military formations were the first who opened a fire upon them. But despite of this fact the Russian media presented Georgia as an aggressor.

At once with the beginning of military operations the role of Russia was even more revealed. From the first day of the conflict from military base in Gudauta transfer to separatists of arms and combat materials was carried out by Russians. As a result approximately in one and a half month the secessionist armed formations had such military techniques as - the reservation of machine BMP-2, tanks T-72, systems of fire B?-21, so-called "Hailstones", antiaircraft systems.

Directly during the conflict it is possible to prove the support of separatists by Russia and infringements of agreements. We shall name only one fact which particularly proves as escalation of the conflict from Russia and to the conduct of policy of destabilization concerning Georgia.

The 1961, - citation from the report of the Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Michael Suslov: "Very soon Georgians will start to struggle against communism, for independence. The Struggle against Georgians should begin with Abkhazia and Svaneti; it is necessary to give the Mingrelia autonomy. To keep them separately it is necessary to kindle local-national feelings. It is necessary to convince everything, that Georgians are populated to Abkhazia [in fact all is upside down]. It is necessary to oppose the Western Georgia with East. After that we play a role of the intermediary ".

Despite of such policy of Russia, following from the Georgian tolerance, Russia could not managed to create in the perception of Georgians an image of the enemy from Abkhazians, could not make from the Georgians evils. For the Georgians the Abkhazians even today are relatives, friends and neighbors. Therefore the Georgian party has chosen a peaceful way of settlement of the conflict that as already marked above does not enter into plans of Russia. Despite of it, the Georgian party will not change a position and will reach its aim peacefully.