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"Alliance for Georgia" is Alliance for Constructional view point

It was hasty, ambitious, and deliberated beforehand... and many more what can be said in estimation of the declaration of the political party "Alliance for Georgia" about its decision to fight for the posts of the Tbilisi Mayor and for "Sakrebulo" (Board) Chairmanship. Such decision on the political language sounds like this: "The Alliance is going to fight for this as an alternative political power to the government's one, and suggests to the society the own point of view for resolution from crisis."
Even in the best circumstances for the local governance the local elections cannot take out the country from the crisis. This is evident for any person more or less having some knowledge in politics. However the leader of the Alliance explained his aims as following: "we can, we may to establish the fairness and democracy, we can to provide the security and social stability for the country. We can employ people and we can provide its full participation in the decision making process and participation in the fate of our country. We deeply believe that the shortest way to change the government is a victory in the Tbilisi elections. We are calling all citizens to uphold us in this fight.

Alasania declared the spring fight in the autumn, and this was a strategic step and probably was taken far away from Georgia. As it is clear that such decisions could not be born only in Alasania's bosom. We all expected (one part of the society) that the fight was postponed to the autumn, but his declaration now indeed could be a strategic one as he now postponed it to the next spring, so the government may sleep well till that time.
Moreover for the last time USA institutions are making polls among population which is favorable for government, are conducting the lawmaking process, and what is more important are "brooding" the new generation of democracy makers. The impression is that in Georgia the non parliamentary political forces are to be born or reanimated which will be attached to the Alliance. As a result the Alliance will become the leading political force in the oppositional front, and its leader will be the first person of this forces. This will be a strategy for the presidency of the Alliance. Alongside to this process a question of Sozar Subari is to be noted. He is a new member of the Alliance former Ombudsman, and already he is a candidate for Sakrebulo Chairmanship. "I promise you that we will reach the democratic and transparent elections in all levels. The local elections is a way to the presupposition of fair Presidential and parliamentary elections, " - Subari said. What grounds has Subari for such promises for people, it is unclear. Only an inner motivation is not enough it is clear.
But Subari has an authority with society. And he did not lack the motivation and aspiration, this proves the fact, when he was beaten and injured to his head in 2007 during the November 7 protest actions. And he did not lack as well the motivation in another case when he demanded the punishment of one of the high ranks. But this time some of them occurred in the higher posts. It is impossible not to agree with former Ombudsman that "Georgia has no future without democracy. And the democracy is impossible if no democratic elections will be held." This truth is clear for the West as well, but the same West recognized the Presidential and Parliamentary elections as a legitimate one, and this fact became nearly a real catastrophe for Georgia (despite of the fact does the government recognizes this or not).
It is not to be surprising to the members of the Alliance and to the Alliance itself that until it will be connected with the person affiliated with US (and if we say on the Natelashvili's language with "Misha 2") always a distrust will remain with them. Always one will suppose that they will try to make a democracy under its own pattern. Moreover the declaration about the beginning of the fight surprised not only one part of politicians but as well the society. And what is more regretful - it is believed more and more that in Georgia it is impossible to unite the opposition. In fact, by declaring this, the Alliance made, it clear that they will not consider any other candidature for the post of Tbilisi Mayor or Chairman of Sakrebulo, no other party's candidate will be allowed. But who will agree which such choice, can join the Alliance. Will such strategy of Alliance be successful or not, we will see.
One of main problems of Alasania is a lack of ability to communicate with people, but the present Mayor Gigi Ugulava indeed has no such problem. But the successfulness of his business is a big question. By the way the rumors about Gigi Ugulava's turn to opposition maybe is a trick of government than reality,
But, believers are in the state of bliss! People are only an instrument for others coming to power or going back. Moreover nobody asks people who and when has to come to power, and what is to be happen...

Gocha Mirtskhulava