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16 Years Ago Abkhazians Breached Agreement on Cease-Fire and Renowned Attack

Today on September 16 - 16 years passed since breach of the agreement by Abkhazian side on cease-fire. In 1993 on September 16 Abkhazians attacked Sokhumi and on September 27 they captured the town. In the beginning of the 1993 so called Abkhazian forces took an advantage after the cease-fire agreement and unexpectedly attacked the strategic town Gagra.

In 1993 on June 27 in Moscow Eduard Shevardnadze and Boris Elzin meet with each other. They signed the document about cease-fire, about the pulling out of the Georigan Army from Abkhazia and for the return of refugees. The Abkhazian party breached the agreement on cease-fire and on September 16 and for the September 27 they took the control over whole country.

The armed conflict in Abkhazia started in 1992 of August 14. This armed conflict overgrew to the real war. The Georigan National Army of the MOD entered the Abkhazian territory for defense of the Sochi-Ingiri railway. But according to the order of Head of the Abkhazian high Council Vladislav Ardzinba the "Abkhazian Army" opened the fire in Ochamchire region.

The entering of the National Army to Abkhazia was agreed with Vladislav Ardzinba On August 11. However the "Abkhazian Army" resisted to movement of the Georgian Army in Ochamchire, Gulripsh and Sokhumi. This resistance followed by the armed conflict.

In the armed conflict the aviation, artillery and tanks were involved. The irritation of Abkhazian side was provoked by the entering of Georgian militia (Police) for defense of the railway. The confrontation in Abkhazia last 13 month and 13 days.

On May 14 of 1994 in Moscow one more agreement about cease-fire was signed. According to this agreement to the conflict zone the CIS Peacekeepers entered.

According to the information given during the Georigan-Abkhazian conflict 16 thousand people died 10 000 Georgians and 4 000 Abkhazians.

Before the war in the region there was 537 000 Abkhazians. Nowadays we have 300 000 refugees.

According to the statistics on the Abkhazian territory 3 368 people died (peaceful dwellers). Among them non Georgians - 8, 99 - Russians, 35 Armenian, 23 Ukrainian, 22 Greek, 18 Jewish, 15 Abkhaz, 4 Azeri, 1 Estonian, 1 Moldavian. Other 3 150 are Georgian.