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Officialdoms of Saakashvili Preparing for 2013

Representatives of Georgian government in the frames of public dialogue are conducting meetings with population of the region. The aim of the new project is to neutralize a negative potential in the population and to make up a democratic background. After protest actions, the government needs support of the population and restoration and return of foreign partners. Mikhail Saakashvili's policy is a dragging of the time. However he started to listen to needs of population and to cooperate with opposition.
The most interesting projects of the government were new initiatives of the President - new roads, parks, sportive clubs, and reconstructions of streets. But President could not manage to hold supporters by such activity. In 2003 after elections, the "Nationals" loosed its followers, as a maintaining of the infrastructure did not appeared the main problem for which people refused the presidency of Shevardnadze and his followers and upheld the "Rose Revolution" Saakashvili became a President for his quite different promises - people have had a hope for social guaranties and better future. The NGO's and so called prominent people in turn for the support for Saakashvili secured its status of Elite group and its privileges. But Saakashvili did not justify hopes of anybody. Saakashvili relied upon power agents only and International support.
However after the protest actions, the Georgian government faced problems with international support. Matthew Briza, US State Secretary Assistant declared that US upheld a Georgian state but not any person. Gorge Biden, Vice president mainly considers that it is necessary to strengthen the democratic institutions.

Mikhail Saakashvili needed to create a democratic background. Alongside with the dialogue with people he started the dialogue with opposition. The opposition waits for the favorable results. The part of the opposition did not agree with suggestion. For example Nino Burjanadze. She said following her own experience that it is impossible to cooperate with Saakashvili. However Burjanadze has no experience of cooperation with Saakashvili in status of opposition. So it would be interesting for her to use such new experience, moreover that today when Saakashvili is in his last presidency term and his supporters in the governmental institutions (on which he relies on after the power agencies) are lessening with the passing of time. In the executive governance different oppositional party representatives are and almost are controlling the institutions.
The governmental institutions are preparing for the post-Saakashvili government. The offices are taking by persons according to the political views. In 2013 nobody wishes to have any troubles with the newly elected government. Moreover they have no distinguished ruling abilities and professionalism, as its selection by the President was chaotic and random. These never were a definite principle in the selection. They did not want to loose privileges after Saakashvili as well.

So it is why officialdoms of Saakashvili and representatives of opposition started to work on new task and to secure own interests by the way. The result of this new task will be a test for new government. However they have to think about the point that own interests has a society as well. The ignorance of the interests of society will always make troubles to political unions, which have pretension to be named a modern government oriented to the professionalism.

Sopho Abramishvili