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The 21-st Revolution

Governmental changes started in August. Prime Minister Nika Gilauri dismissed from his post Lasha Jvania, Economic Minister. After that Mikhail Saakashvili replaced Defense Minister. At the same day in the Economic and Defense Ministries deputies, PR heads and others holding important positions were dismissed. No changes have been made yet among leading, major or other skilled workers. They are still expecting changes. New shocking wave of major reshuffle will start in the same manner as it is habitual for Saakashvili's elite. They will be dismissed at the arrival to the job.

A frequent reshuffle is a notion that the Saakashvili's team is not united and is not staffed with professionals. Moreover there is no ruling system in his government. Everything is going chaotically, without any system. Relations are based upon aggressive rules of playing. Aggressive President is inspired with the aggressive political ideology. His cruelty is widely known abroad as well.

After the visit of Joe Biden, US Vice President, one stage of political life is accomplished. After decisions were taken in backroom politics, everything will go to dictatorship or to democracy. But as seems Saakashvili's government is not inclined to democracy. He is creating new human beings, new elite, new approaches and new values.

However this is not a novelty for our history. All revolutionary parties are coming to the power with aggression with destroying of old and with unclear promises. For example: the aim of the fascism was a destruction of Jewish people and not only them. The Communist Party was fighting against culture. But the final result was not achieved by either of them. These two facts is a nearest past in the history. And in the history is nothing new. Everything repeats itself.

No exception is as well the Rose Revolution. Major priority is given to the destruction of old elite. Mikhail Saakashvili exploited the aggressive circle for suppression of old elite. They are creating the shocking background with aggressive reshuffling, dismissing and so on.

In the 21 century replacements of different elite groups are not very different from the 20 century's' replacements. By its nature and meaning they are the same. New people, of new elite are promoted by the selection criteria typical for revolutionaries. Relations between old and new elite groups are very strained. The difference between them is as well a natural one.... Moreover new elite is not distinguished by its interpersonal culture, talent and taste.

On the agenda still are declared aims of Saakashvili - EU, NATO membership, but representatives of his government are not considering values of Human Rights. For them human being is not having any value. In the 21-st century Georgia the Rose Revolution and revolutionary challenges are continuing according to the will of a government.

Sopho Abramishvili