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Sozar Subari: Fastest Way to Change non Democratic Policy - to come to Politics

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The new representative of the "Alliance for Georgia" Sozar Subari is going to start the political activity in the nearest weeks. The former Ombudsman, who a few days ago declared that he is going to take an Office of Sakrebulo Chairman, started already a preparation for the elections campaign.

Former teacher, former Ombudsman wishes to "direct the Georgian politics to the right direction" and he believes that for this is necessary the political will, which authorities will show now after he will come to policy.

The new politician is sure that the forthcoming elections to the local self-government will be democratic, and he said that for this time the "mobilization of the society" will prevent the attempt of the government to falsify the elections...

The interview with the former Ombudsman (first Ombudsman in Georgia according to the opposition) was taken by news agency GHN.

-Mr. Sozar when you took the post of the Public Defender, you were described as a man fighting for the fairness. Irakli Alasania, has introduced you to his team, and noted that you have a big authority as one of the law defenders in Georgia. Maybe it will be difficult to achieve so high prestige and status in politics... And why you preferred the way to politics from the NGO?

- When in the country the policy is developing in the wrong direction, when it is clear that the breach of the Human Rights are evident, the development of the country in the non democratic way is carried out, and this all happen thinks to the well thought-out policy. The most fast and effective way to change it is a politics itself and to come to politics. The same we could achieve with the strengthening of the democratic society but this is a long way it goes round.

So I decided to come to politics.

-You mentioned that the politics is developed in the wrong direction. How are you going to turn the policy?

- This is simple, but for its realization it is necessary to make many stages. It is natural that many things have to be done. But it is not right that all power is concentrated in the hands of one person. The central authority must not to interfere to the functions of the organs of local self government. The organs of the local self government have to be independent; the executive power must not to interfere to the judicial system and not to control the organs of judiciary and rule over the Court and judges.
The Parliament according to the Constitution have to be the major in the internal policy and in the foreign policy. Parliament has to be the organ which controls the executive power and has not be under the government's pressure. Parliament has not to be subordinate to the government. The government must not establish the censorship under the freedom of expression. The freedom of expression has to be guarantied. This can be achieved very easily...

-Theoretically this is a simple, and to talk is simple. All those in opposition are saying this but there is no any results seen. The main is that what ways are you going to use to achieve the results.

- To do this is very simple not only in theory but as well in practice.


- For the non interference of the authorities to the judicial system (for Procurator's
Office not to direct the judges which decisions have to be taken) and to separation of powers is not necessary to take very big efforts. Everything can be decided for one day, for one hour, if of course there will be a political will. The main is the political will, the will for the democratic way of development.

What about the ways for such aim I would say it is an election. This is a most right way to come to power, as it excludes the constitutional shakes. However in our country for the fair conduction of the elections it is necessary to make big efforts as all tools are in the hands of our government. And they wish to falsify the elections. But despite of all this I am sure that we can win the elections.

It is difficult to build the democratic government but this is not the task of one day.
We have to come to the main principles of the democracy. The USA was building the democracy up to today and up to today they are changing itself. But the founders of the democracy laid the main principles upon which this state is based. And the main is that they not only formed these principles but as well they are the first Defenders. Because of this, this country is developing properly.

-Mr. Sozar, in the context when the opposition estimates all the elections as illegitimate, and said that they were conducted with a mass falsification, why are you sure that now will not be repeated the same?

-The last year not only the Parliamentary elections were falsified but as well were falsified Presidential elections.

Despite of all this in Tbilisi in the both cases the opposition wins. And this happen on the background when the international community did not realized that Georgia is going by the antidemocratic way. Now the international support is far stronger to the democratic processes to Georgia, Than it was in the last year's elections. At the same time it is to be stressed that the public is far more mobilized and we will do everything to add such strong resource as Alliance is. Because of this reasons we are sure that we will win the elections.

-What is the sufficient resource - the financial base?

- First of all I mean the human resource, and the well developed structure, and as well the high rating of the trust to Alliance from the society.

-You mentioned the people are mobilized. How soon the elections will be appointed?

-As the powers are starting already the elections campaign, we as well will start this very soon.

-Mr Sozar why namely "Alliance for Georgia" you choose for the next step? At the time of work in the Office of Public Defender you were very critical towards the authorities, and it may be said that often you were radically inclined. And the team of Irakli Alasania is a power which refused to participate in radical actions during the Spring protest actions?...

-I cannot disagree with you that the team of Alasania lacked the acuteness in connection with powers. What about my decision to join the Alliance I decided this for several reasons.
First our visions concerning the strategic directions of the development of country are the same. The second - the alliance has the power and resources for which it is possible to come to power. It is natural the aim of the politician is that to come to power and to make own policy, for this it is necessary to have a big strength.

-Were the suggestions from the other political parties concerning the joining to them?

- Yes there were suggestions almost from all political parties, but I think that I did a right decision.

- Mr Sozar you candidature was nominated for the post of Sakrebulo, Chairman. What you would say to other political parties to support you, to came to the agreement for one candidate?

- I cannot give any advice, it would be unjust. But in the whole I think that the main part of the opposition has to achieve the agreement for some principles and we have to be together to win and to achieve the easy change of the power.

-But the alliance took the decision independently. And he was the first in this. Are you ready to make resistance to all other candidates in the local self government?

-At this stage only our Alliance nominated the candidates, all other oppositional
parties did not do so. We will decide soon who will be chairmen in Sakrebulo in other cities as well. Following from this we made a decision and we are ready to fight and will fight for the victory.

-What about the plans for the united oppositional area, the political minority is going to start the new wave of protest actions, which will be very radical. Will the Alliance took the part in it?

- The decision will be taken in a several days, after the internal consultations. But I privately ready to take the part in any radical action, if I will know its aim and the ways for its achievement. If we will protest only for protest it will not be right and gives no results.

Despite that in some cases (for example to remind the authorities that we have a power to resist to the violence) this can be justified. I think that if the action is directed to the aim, it must be declared clearly, and the way for achievement of such aim must be evident as well. Following from this I can join the protest action if the aim and the way for achievement will be clear for me.

And in conclusion I would say Parliament has already passed in the second reading
the amendments to the Constitution. It stipulates the restoration of the mandates for the MPs which refused from the membership in Parliament. How do you think will the former MPs return to Parliament?

-Each political party has its way, so I do not wish to give estimations to the forces which can return to the Parliament. But I respect the decision of our partners, of "New Rights", they refused to restore its mandates...